About Vincenzo

Italian style guru Vincenzo Brandonisio is the creator of impeccable suits for Al Pacino, Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaughey, Nicolas Cage, Brad Pitt, millionaires, and even national presidents.

He is one of the first Italian promoters to travel the world. He visited the five continents, then moved to the United States and started cooperation with Pakzad Bijan. He and Vincenzo were friends for 40 years! The future partner came to the boutique in Rodeo Drive where the maestro was working and proposed to develop business in Russia. As a result, Vincenzo Brandonisio has been creating luxury clothes for Moscow fashion lovers for over 10 years! And a year ago, a boutique of men’s and women’s wear opened at the Astoria Hotel in Saint Petersburg. The women’s collection was launched a couple years ago and has been gaining popularity season by season. The collection is designed in collaboration with his partner Olga Dellochio.

Vincenzo calls himself a “fashion artist” and describes his style formula this way: “I’ve been working all my life. Spectacular fabrics, impeccable quality, rich color and texture range. At the same time, I maintain the same prices as in Italy: people travel a lot nowadays and might dislike even a few hundred dollar difference. There should be no formalities in customer service: here is your jacket, please pay for it, and let’s call it a day. No, you begin by taking a careful look at your customer: their hair and eye color, proportions, figure, and only then decide which clothes would suit them. And, of course, the overall visual aspect of the boutique is what matters: first of all, the details and the atmosphere on the sales floor.”