About the Company

Vincenzo Brandonisio: luxury Italian apparel, footwear and accessories for men and women who value comfort, style and individuality. Our boutique guests can enjoy spectacular fabrics, impeccable quality, rich color and texture range, high service standards, and the opportunity to consult Mr. Brandonisio in person. Vincenzo Brandonisio collections offer everything you need for business and leisure: strict classic suits that can also be custom-made, refined ties, beautiful shirts, cozy knitwear, cashmere gym suits, stylish accessories, fur coats, and footwear. There is no point in trying to make an exhaustive list – better visit our boutique at least once, and you will be surprised by the broad range of items available for creating a total look. Fans of exotics can find clothing, accessories and footwear made of ostrich, alligator, eel, kangaroo, elephant, python, and even shark leather.

The best offers of our boutique include custom tailoring of alligator leather clothing in any color at a very attractive price!